• ECMWF is the World's best 10-day
    weather forecast model

    • Lower 48 U.S. states
    • Point data tables
      • Precip grouped by rain, snow or ice
      • And storm totals for each type
      • Set location presets for easy access
    • 0.100° (~9km) Resolution
    • 153 map types and growing; including:
      • Temperatures
      • Precipitation
      • CAPE, CIN, Helicity, VGP, EHI
      • Wind Shear & Vorticity
      • Advection & Convergence
      • Q-Vectors & Frontogenesis
      • Snowfall & Icing
      • Winds & Temps Aloft
      • Dew Points & Humidity
      • Severe & Tornado Indices
      • Travel Concerns
      • Cloud Cover & Much more!
    • Access anywhere from browser
    • Only $9.95/mo (discounts available)
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  • F5Data is the ultimate forecasting tool. It is a data feed with over 160 parameters from various computer models. The GIS-driven application lets you make customizable maps or soundings for forecasting or to load on your web site.
    EuroWX provides over 100 maps from what's widely accepted as the world's best medium range forecast model. Our ECMWF data covers the lower 48 United States at the most affordable cost.
    Tornado Target is a high resolution weather forecast computer model. A 'floating sector' is run each hour, zoomed in on the most interesting part of the United States for the most up to date tornado forecast available.





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  • Current Northern Lights Status

    We want all 3 points in our numbered list below to be in a red font in order to assume there are good visible auroras occuring right now (in MN).
    Bz & Solar Wind update every minute. Kp updates every 5 minutes, forecasts every 15 minutes. Hit Refresh for updated data.

    Current Northern Lights Conditions:
    1. Kp: 1.33 [want 5+ in MN. See map]
    2. Bz: 999.9 nT [want < -3]
    3. Solar Wind: -9999.9 km s-1 [want > 550]

    - Moonset
    - Infrared Satellite
    - Current Moon Phase

    Short term Kp Forecast**:

    • Kp at 00:45Z is expected to be 2.33
    • Kp at 01:00Z is expected to be 2.00
    • Kp at 01:15Z is expected to be 1.67
    • Kp at 01:30Z is expected to be 1.67

      --- 4 Hour Forecast ---
    • Kp at 04:30Z is expected to be 1.00

    Click for Planetary K Index
    Click for Latest Image

    ** The Wing Kp Geomag Activity Index updates every 15 minutes with a short term forecast which is useful for determining what the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) activity may be like over the next hour or so. It is also useful to anticipate a short term trend in activity from whatever it is currently at. This data is prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA & Space Weather Prediction Center. However, I did take the liberty to skew the forecast numbers by initializing off the latest observation when the observation and first forecast a few minutes away don't match up. So only the forecasted trend is utilized and applied to the latest observation. This method seems more accurate.