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I do love the access to the European model to add to the other models as far as interpreting weather data. It's easy to use and its updates are very timely. It's also very affordable especially for the amount of data you get.

Doug Meyers
WIBW Morning/Midday Meteorologist
Topeka, KS

It has GREAT data, the only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is because there is no wide "tropical" view. It cuts off at the SE, and I would love to see a wider Atlantic Ocean view, especially during tropical season. I use it most for simple data- precip, accumulation totals, winds, upper level data. I find the website simple to use, and very organized. I love the tab features to the left.

Liz Horton
Meteorologist, WTVD
Durham, NC

The number of products from the Euro is very helpful in forecasting. All the maps are laid out well and visually appealing. The only thing I wish you could have are more sector views.

Todd Yakoubian
Little Rock, AR

The maps are clear and well produced. Color schemes work very well.
I love the fact that I can see the European in 6 hour increments instead of 24 along with precipitation, temps, snowfall, rainfall etc
plus different layers with other forecast parameters. My only criticism is that i would like the 500 mb maps to have better contours rather than the colors.
The site is always running, maps come in on time. No issues.

Joe Cioffi
FiOS1 News PIX-11TV
New York, NY

Using the ECMWF is a must for an accurate forecast. Studies have shown that-at this moment-the Euro outperforms all other models.
At my station, we prefer to use Eurowx for its easy to use interface, resolution and cost; the best of all worlds.
Also, the creator of Eurowx has a handy algorithm that highlights severe weather and tornado potential, giving the user a quick glance at potential threats.
I gave it 4.5 stars rather than 5 simply because, as others have mentioned, it would be nice to have the tropics and a few other sectors, but I'm guessing that might raise the cost.

Sam Ryan
Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN

If anyone is serious about forecasting long range weather then is a must.
The Euro model ( ECMWF ) time after time is beyond amazing on locking onto the right storm and temperature trends better than any other long range model available.
The one draw back of the ECMWF has been graphics online that are rather broad and not zoomed in for better analysis but resolves that with excellent up close regional maps and always updated ECMWF model runs. The monthly fee is equivalent to 5 cups of regular coffee and is worth every sip!
I would highly recommend to all meteorologist and forecasters as one of the most important tools in the weather forecasting tool box.

Jonathan Yuhas
KSTP TV Meteorologist
Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN

What I love about the site is that it has so many parameters to analyze. The rainfall and snowfall forecasts are just awesome and I like how you can go down to regional levels. I would give this 5 stars if the region could broaden out a bit more. Keeping it to the USA view is nice, but if it could go out to a hemispheric view it would add some perspective for myself since I am analyzing global flow on my site and using the LRC. But, that is my only criticism. I use this site almost every day of my life, so obviously I love it.

Gary Lezak
Chief Meteorologist KSHB-TV
Founder of Weather2020, LLC the long range forecasting site
Kansas City, MO

This is the best page for ECMWF weather. It is the first thing I look at every weekday morning as I prepare my forecast for my viewers in OKC, OK. I depend on it...and the site is very dependable.

Jed Castles
Meteorologist News9 KWTV
Oklahoma City, OK